Oswald of Carim, Dark Souls Desgin Works. 

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Old doodles.

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Queelag and her sister from Dark Souls, for my little greyliliy~ A bit late, but finally finished, and hey, Liliy’s a super generous commissioner~ VuV

I’m sorry the anatomy is off here and there, it’s been… ages since I’ve finished anything in traditional means (which isn’t much of an excuse when it comes to anatomy but hey, I’ll take what I can XD)

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Yoshitaka Amano’s chibi art for FFVI characters 

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Bloodborne concept art

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Sorry haven’t posted in a while, I have 2 DkS2 pictures coming up but in the meantime, here’s a 2 Hour Sketch from Dark Souls 1

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Had spent a while in Sen’s Fortress, but fought the Iron Golem solo. Really thought it was fun and one of my favorites to fight against, just a goofy boss.

To watch the painting process I streamed it live on I’ll be painting & streaming more Dark Souls art on a weekly basis:

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